Behind the Wall

Exhibition in the Orangery at Glienicke Palace. The exhibition presents the history of the Wall, which divided the “Prussian Arcadia” in Klein Glienicke. 19 June – 3 October 2011.

Behind the Wall
Glienicke – a Site of German Division

The “Behind the Wall” exhibition project focuses on the village of Klein-Glienicke, which is situated close to the famous Glienicke Bridge. Dramatic escapes, families torn apart, a heavy shoot-out between East and West over the Wall on one occasion, absurd security regulations in everyday life, and intense spying on the residents of the “mini” GDR are the central topics of the exhibition. Hardly anywhere else could the absurdity of the Wall be felt as extremely as in Klein-Glienicke. The Wall’s death strips divided the Prussian Arcadia, the famous landscaped garden, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Following the division of Germany, this once so idyllic village belonged to the GDR. Surrounded by the Wall and the West, it could only be reached via a narrow bridge from Babelsberg.


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Border tower and house
Border tower and house