FLICKS AT THE IRON CURTAIN - Berlin Border Cinemas from 1950-1961

Film series and exhibition on the history of the Berlin border cinemas. 
Planned dates: 12 August – 12 September 2011.

The 1961 building of the Berlin Wall and consolidation of the border between the Allied and Soviet sectors ended an eleven-year chapter of Berlin film history. Until now, there has been little interest in the history of the West Berlin border cinemas and their counterparts on the East Berlin side. The film series “Flicks at the Iron Curtain – Berlin Border Cinemas, 1950 – 1961”, will reconstruct this forgotten period of Berlin cinema history. From 12 August until 12 September, screenings introduced by contemporary witnesses and other people will recall the existence of these special cinemas in the Cold War and the films they showed. Some of the films will be shown in their original locations or near former border cinemas. 
The film series will be accompanied by an exhibition telling the history of the border cinemas in documents, photographs and film posters. The history of the border cinemas will be written and published on a website so that this information will be available in the longer term.

Project organiser:

WIR e.V. 
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10997 Berlin
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Andreas Döhler
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Berlin border cinema
Berlin border cinema, Photo: Andreas Döhler