The Joy of Subversion

Guided tours – in Köpenicker Strasse and Warschauer Strasse on young people’s cultural lives in the double borough around 1961. 
Exact schedule to be announced.

The everyday lives of young people in the Berlin boroughs of Friedrichshain and   Kreuzberg during the 1950s were shaped not only by the experiences of the war, but also life in a black market and the border economy. This generation was sceptical of the values in the grown-up world and looked for its own ways to express itself in fashion, music and film contents. As a result, it pushed official tolerance in both East and West to its limits.

The joy of subversion – searching for traces of the “lost” generation’s former  meeting places in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

Guided tour 1 
From Schillingbrücke to May-Ayim-Ufer

Guided tour 2 
From the underground station at Warschauer Strasse to Boxhagener Platz.

Guided tour 3 
From May-Ayim-Ufer to Schillingbrücke

Guided tour 4 
From Boxhagener Platz to the underground station at Warschauer Strasse.

In cooperation with Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, the Museum of Kreuzberg and Querstrich 89/90 Bruchlinien einer Vereinigung

Contact: Tel. +49 (0)30 - 50585233

The Joy of Subversion
The Joy of Subversion, Photo: Historical Police Archive of Berlin